Business Continuity and Network Attached Backups (No More Backup Tapes!)

Tape backups are a thing of the past

We offer a full Business Continuity consulting engagement, as well as help with specific areas. The key to covering your business from a continuity standpoint relies heavily on your ability to respond and recover from a disaster. The area where this is typically at its weakest in small to mid-sized business is on the IT side of the business. The most critical areas of business continuity are in your ability to recover systems and recover them quickly.

Tape backups are unreliable and take days to recover systems even if you have valid backups. Most backups on tapes prove to be either unusable or outdated. We offer a solution that can back up your entire network up to every 15 minutes and give you the ability to restore any supported server to a virtual image in as little as 30 minutes.

That means that the worst disaster could be covered in as little as 30 minutes with data not older than 15 minutes. This is done through rapid virtualization with minimal effort. Then when the hardware is fixed or replaced the server can be restored to the new or repaired hardware over night within a few hours. Ultimately, this means your users and your company would only experience less than an hour of total downtime in the event of a server failing and needing to be replaced. We can also offer automated offloading of your backups nightly to a data center through an encrypted and secure connection, giving your data backups a secure and reliable home. No more worrying about lost tapes falling in the wrong hands. See our Business Continuity Whitepaper for more information.

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